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Holidays in Spain: Torrevieja in the Costa Blanca

The beaches, sun and sand are the main reasons people come for their holidays in Spain and especially to Torrevieja. There you can enjoy the promenade, marina, sandy beaches and rocky coves, all offering something for everyone whether you are a sports fan or not.
Did you know that any beach could technically be a nudist beach as nudity is legal in Spain? Better though to join the rest of the nudists on beaches specially designated for them. As for swimming make sure you use the Blue Flag beaches where there are often the safety flags flying.
Anyway, there's something for all of you for your holidays in the Costa Blanca.
Author: Porsche Klinger

Torrevieja20110514.jpgIf it's swimming in the clear warm water that you're after, then be wary of occasional undercurrents that exist close by. Remember to always lookout for the safety flags: yellow or red flag are a warning and swimming during a red flag can mean heavy fines or arrest. But if it is green then go ahead and enjoy your holidays in the Costa Blanca. For those wishing to enjoy the freedom of naturist swimming without a costume or clothes, you can find many beaches ideally suited for you, although most of those beaches do not have any of the usual services found on a normal tourist beach. In theory nudity is legal in Spain which essentially means that any beach could be a nudist beach, though most of the nudists generally use certain beaches that have no audience.
Almost all the beaches have Blue Flag EU ISO certification which ensures almost no pollution. They also have pedalos, playgrounds for children and at least a small bar serving snacks and refreshments, sun loungers and parasols. And with over 320 sunny days per year and an average temperature of over 20C, you're sure to find sun almost any time. What better choice than holidays in the Costa Blanca for you and your family especially along the white sands of the coast?
If you are a sports enthusiast, someone who enjoys any sport or just a particular sport, the Costa Blanca is a place where water meets water sports and water sport enthusiasts together with the myriad of sports available. There are plenty of regular schools of all types ready to introduce the amateur water sport enthusiast into the blue Mediterranean water on their holiday. There is, for example, snorkelling, scuba diving, water skiing, sailing, windsurfing and fishing. And finally, a small bar to celebrate or just spend the evening around sunset after the fun and games in the water.
If you do not want to be on the beach side or you're with your loved one, why not a couple of hours walking the streets or down on the lively promenade you'll find here while on your trip. Maybe try a few bars or if you have not tried "tapas" now would be a great time to try. The word "tapa" means "cover" in Spanish and literally in the old days when people were out drinking they would cover their drinks with a piece of bread or a piece of ham or a small plate to protect the drinks from flies. Now the word "tapas" means small portions of regional specialties (usually from the bar) to eat when in less formal company as opposed to eating in the restaurant. Tapas are eaten hot or cold with toothpicks or bread ("pan").
Even if your holiday is just for a week or two, there is certainly much to do. Torrevieja is one of many places to visit and worth every moment, and when your here look out for the many fantastic celebrations during the year especially in the summer for your HOLIDAYS IN SPAIN and especially if you happen to be in the Costa Blanca.

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