Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pet Owners Find a Top Rate Destination in Los Angeles

As the rates of pet ownership have surged nationwide, so have accommodations for pets and the humans who love them. We have seen the advent of health insurance for pets, microchip tracking, pet clothing boutiques and a big box pet supply store anchoring every strip mall in suburbia. But nowhere have these changes been more evident than in the travel industry. Ten years ago could you have imagined carrying your cat through airport security?!
As the airlines have lightened up their policies on animal travelers, welcoming cats, dogs, birds and more to take to the friendly skies, other niches of the travel industry have followed suit. Out of these new accommodations from the airlines have blossomed all sorts of pet-friendly travel destinations for animal lovers and their four-footed companions. No doubt Los Angeles tops the list, offering all the benefits of a cultural-soaked urban center mixed with a laid-back West Coast mentality that is as welcoming to pets as it is to flip-flops as acceptable dinner attire.
Beginning instantly upon your arrival at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the honor this city bestows upon our four-footed friends is evident. You only have to step outside baggage claim to find a first class potty palace for pooches. Complete with faux fire hydrant and specially scented, antibacterial turf, Fido will feel the love from his first moments in Los Angeles. Now you're ready to hop on a shuttle from LAX to your final destination. The major carriers pick you up right from the curb and are happy to accommodate your pet on your lap for no additional charge.
Pet friendly hotels abound and feature a range of amenities including complimentary pet beds, food and water dishes, treats, and dog walking maps plus on-site dog walkers and pet sitters for hire. Once settled in, be sure to set aside an afternoon to visit Rosie's Beach. Named after the English bulldog who inspired it , Rosie's Beach is Los Angeles counties only off leash dog beach.
Restaurants with outdoor seating are a dime a dozen in LA's mild climate and most are willing to accommodate your canine counterpart. Some even feature full menus, not only for humans, but for canines as well!
At the end of a long, adventure-packed day what dog wouldn't want to blow off some steam with a visit to SkyBark, a full service rooftop bar, over 18 stories above the hustle and bustle of the city, with dancing, live music, gourmet menu selections and cocktails for both dogs and owners, and specially designated potty places for all!
If you have a hankering to explore all that Los Angeles has to offer, there is no reason to leave Fido behind. Let the good times roll... For both of you!

Author: Paul Turner Smith