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Top 5 Luxury Boutique Hotels London

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Luxury boutique hotels London, offers its guests an intimate and luxurious experience. The service is highly personalized and customized to suit the needs and interests of each guest.  London boasts of many luxury boutique hotels along with the world's first two boutique hotels. The service at offered at these hotels in impeccable and amenities, premium quality.

Top 5 Boutique Hotels
  • The Gore – There are 50 rooms in this hotel. There are special rooms for special guests like Venus Room for couples, Tudor Room with an ancient set up etc. the bathroom products and cosmetics provided are of high quality. The service of staff is very good. The beds and other in-room facilities are exceptional.
  • Threadneedles – Located right in the center of city, this boutique hotel is owned and run by The Eton Collection. The hotel overlooks the Bank of England and London Stock Exchange. People of business trips would find the location of this hotel ideal. There are 70 rooms where guests can relax and unwind.
  • Convent Garden Hotel – Dramatic interiors with modern, contemporary design welcomes guests here. The hotel is located bang in the middle of Theaterland. There are 58 spacious rooms with big windows that offer lovely, spectacular views of the London city. The rooms are all provided with a luxury bathrooms lined with granite and mahogany.
  • The Milestone – Located in Kensington, this is an award winning boutique hotel. The magnificent hotel overlooks the Kensington palace. The hotel itself is housed in a Victorian, imposing building. Each room here is styled in all Victorian grandeur. Private bath, spa, lounge, etc are some of the facilities here.
  • Town Hall Hotel and Apartments – Located in Bethnal Green in East London, this is housed in an old council building. The interesting structure has been restored and extended for making rooms for apartments and large guest rooms. The hotel is ideally located for people on business in this part of the city.

Luxury boutique hotels London caters to large crowds and making bookings in advance is absolutely necessary during peak seasons. Bookings can be done online as well as in person. However, these hotels might be a little expensive but there are hordes of other boutique hotels that offer the same luxury in much discounted prices, one just needs to search for the right one. Here you get the best of luxury and value for money!

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Luxury Boutique Hotels London