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Harbin - The Capital of Music in China

Author: Sandra Wu

Harbin was approved as the Capital of Music On June 22nd, 2010, and thus became the first China city that received the honor. Harbin Summer Music Concert first occurred on August 5th, 1961 and occurs every other year now. The grand music concert has received wide attention all over the world. A large number of musicians from Italy, Britain, America, Poland, Japan, Austria, Russia and South Korea and other countries attended the past concerts and put up a wide range of marvelous performances. A tour to Harbin China will definitely afford an opportunity to experience the different charm of China.

A Brief Introduction to Harbin City, China
Located in Northeast China, Harbin is the provincial capital of Heilongjiang Province and also the political, economic, cultural and transportation center in the northern part of Northeast China. Harbin covers an area of roughly 53,100 square kilometers and has a population of about 9,983,400, ranking one of the largest China cities. Harbin is not only a notable historic and cultural China city but also a world-famous tourist city. Harbin is often reputed as "The Eldest Son of the Republic", "Ice City", "the Rare Pearl", "Oriental Moscow" and "Oriental Paris" and so on. With its unparalleled glamour, Harbin definitely lives up to the reputation. Take a stroll in Harbin, you will find that there are lots of graceful European-style buildings. Harbin belongs to the temperate zone and experiences the continental monsoon climate. Harbin enjoys four distinct seasons, with long frozen winters (from December to February) and short cool summers (from June to August). Though it is extremely cold in winter, winter (from December to February) is the best time to visit Harbin. Thanks to the heavy snow, Harbin in winters becomes an imaginative wonderland with a wide variety of ice sculpture. Thanks to the cool summer (from June to August), Harbin provides the travelers with an ideal summer resort. Harbin is also widely known for the rare flora and fauna in abundance, the unique fold customs and the yummy local food and so on.

The Most Famous Attractions in Harbin, China
As a perfect combination of Chinese and Western elements, Harbin is often acclaimed as "Oriental Paris" and "Oriental Moscow". Harbin also boasts the folk customs of North China. The large-scale activities, including Harbin Summer Music Concert, Ice-Lantern Show and Harbin Ice and Snow World and so on, reveal the deep culture background of Harbin. Harbin is rich in tourist attractions, among which the most famous ones include Sun Island, Zhongyang Street, Ice-Lantern Show, Yabuli Ski Resort, Saint Sophia Cathedral of Harbin, Siberian Tiger Park, Yuquan Hunting Center and Jile Buddhist Temple.
1. Sun Island is located on the northern side of Songhua River and covers an area of roughly 38 sq kilometers. Sun Island is honored as a China National AAAAA Tourist Attractions. With particularly favorable natural conditions, Sun Island boasts the different charms in different seasons. Especially in spring, Sun Island is characterized by its tranquil water, fully-blooming flowers, fresh leaves and singing birds.
2. Zhongyang Street, originally built in 1898, now is the most prosperous commercial street in Harbin. With roughly 71 elegant European-style buildings, Zhongyang Street is a unique gallery full of architecture art is constitutes one of the largest and longest commercial pedestrian street in Asia. There are a large number of boutiques selling a wide range of exquisite products.
3. Saint Sophia Cathedral of Harbin, originally built in March, 1907, is known for its splendid architecture art, long history and rich culture. The magnificent cathedral full of exotic touch draws an endless of travelers.
4. Yabuli Ski Resort, with complete facilities, is an ideal place to ski. There are totally 11 ski runs suitable for skiers at different levels. The best time to ski at Yabuli Ski Resort is from mid-November through the last third of March.
Are you looking for a travel to Harbin China which is a truly enchanting Capital of Music? Harbin will renew you with its unparalleled elegance and charm. A tour to Harbin China will afford a marvelous experience.

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