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Rail travelling

By: rebecca smith

Holiday is always a favourite for people around the world. And many destinations and new ways in country in the world cater for tourism. Many plane company, hotels, transportations, tours have emerged because of Tourism. In fact more flight deals, hotel deals, travel deals offered across the countries around the world. In fact communication also becomes more accessible with the introduction of phone card and calling card to save money travellers during their travelling.

Whether you are single, travelling with partners, with family, holiday can be enjoyed by everyone. However common travelling might have bored you for those who travel quite frequently. You might want to try another way of travelling during holiday; the one full of adventure, educational and not to forget FUN! Travel by train

Explore the journey by train
There are a lot of countries cater for travelling by the means of train. In this special travelling with train, you will spend most of your time in the train; eat, sleep and see all the attraction. Train journey is different from your usually holiday journey. Some train travelling can take you to the location that is only reachable by train. You might think that travelling by train is boring, but it isn’t, it might be just as fun as or more fun than your usual travel.

Top 5 suggested train travelling in Asia, Europe and Africa:

1.Travel with Eastern & Oriental Express in South East Asia

Explore South East Asia with Eastern & Oriental Express train; enjoy the panoramic view of exotic South Asia beauty from the mountains,ocean, famous asia rice paddies, river,palm tree,rubber plantation, city, town to the temples. The train journey let you travel through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos; all the favourite South East Asia tourist destination countries. You will see the contrast of the city life and village life as you goes on the journey with Eastern & Oriental Express, giving you a short view of history of Asia. It is a great holiday journey to explore South East Asia in different way.

2.Glacier Express

When you see the word “express”, you would think that this “ Glacier Express” might travel as fast as bullet train or other famous express train in the world, however you are wrong. “Glacier express” is known for the slowest among the express train in the world. However the slowest can be covered by the fact that through travelling with Glacier Express, you can see clearly many of the most beautiful scenes in the world. During your travel with Glacier express, you will be carry to the magical views of Europeans famous mountains,forest, valley, stream, bridges, tunnels etc.

3.Travel with Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Travel around Europe most visited cities; London, Budapest, Prague, Venice, Rome with Venice Simplon Orient Express. The train also takes you to the rural side of Austria, France and Switzerland. It is magnificent sight. Imagine sitting inside a beautiful interior, eating delicious meal and seeing the magnificent scenery of Europe. It’s a paradise. Vanice Simplon Orient Express offers a variety of trips; journey from London to Paris, Venice to rome or even Paris to Budapest and also the journey to rural Europe

4.Go to Russia by Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

Explore the journey from Moscow, through the unpredictably stunning looking Siberian tundra view, to Vladivostok in 14 days. It is a mystical journey! Afraid of getting bored for a long time journey? No, you will not! You will find all you need inside; from plasma Tv, DVD, CD player, bathroom with shower, heater, elegant dining, wines etc. It is an experience of a lifetime. There is also route from Moscow to Beijing available.

5.Travel to South Africa by Rovos Rail

South Africa is a favorite destination of all time, it is the country that hosted FIFA World cup 2010. Have you ever wonder travelling to South Africa with train? What can you see? Well, there is a lot can be seen by train. Other than Rovos Rail, there are a lot train in Africa which devoted to showing traveller the famous view of Africa; Pride of Africa, the Blue train

Other than the top 5, there are also other famous train travelling such as travelling Switzerland by Bernina Express, Travel Norway with exploring Norwegian Fjords and a lot more scenery by Flam Railway, go to the famous Australian outback by the Ghan, or even tryout the famous Bullet train in Japan

Travel has not been more fun!

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