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Top Tourist Places in Seattle

Author: Agnes Celina

Seattle is one of the most populated city of Washington and is the second most populous in United States after the New York. It is often nicked as Capital or Land of Politics. The city is considered the world center for entertainment, business, banks, companies, casinos, media, international trade, tourism and many other factors. This article will however, only discuss the tourist attractions present in the city. There are copious tourist attractions in the city which attract the people from all over the world to visit them; hence, a tourist industry contributes incalculably to the economy of the city. Some of the most famous and top rated tourist sites are mentioned in the following material.
The most top rated tourist attraction is J. Paul Getty Museum, situated some 13.3 miles away from the city. This museum is a heaven for any art lover as the museum is home to the famous paintings of Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne and many other renowned artists. Moreover the six buildings and the gardens around are breathtaking too. The second top rated place in Washington is Griffith Observatory that is located at some 5.5 miles from the city center. The main purpose of this observatory is to provide the people with the information related to the astronomy.
The third most visited place in the city is Madame Tussauds Hollywood. This place has the life size, wax figures of all the famous Hollywood stars so that the fans can take picture with them. It is at the distance of 6.5 miles from the city center and is a major source of attraction for adults and kids alike, as everyone is a fan of someone. United Studios Hollywood is ranked fourth among the tourists, as it is present in the heart of the Hollywood and it offers different kind of exciting rides and along with that you also get to take a tour of all the famous studios. Coming in at the fifth place is Griffith Park. It is the largest urban park of the world and it has different attractions present in it that make it popular and famous, like Griffith observatory, LA zoo, Greek theater , the Autry, etc.
The sixth place is Beverly Hills, famous for its restaurants and shops, along with that the Rodeo Drive, a scaled down version of the New York's fifth avenue with palm trees also attract a large number of tourists. The seventh position goes to the Santa Monica Pier that opened up in 1909 and is still in business. It is one of the most visited places by the adults and children alike. The pier houses different restaurant, rides, shops, fish market, a giant aquarium and many more things. Standing at the eighth position is the Seattle County Museum of Art, which collects art that spans both, the history and the geography, hence, with this art work, it also represent the uniquely diverse population of Washington. The ninth most rated place is the Disneyland that was established in 1955 and since then has attracted a huge amount of kids and teenagers.
These were just some of the top tourist attraction present in LA. As of today the record shows that there are a total of 333 tourist attractions in the city.

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