Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brazil Travel Adventure - 8 Places to Visit

Author: Hortense Yates

There are so many places to visit in Brazil, that sometimes you need a guide to know where to start. Here are 8 places worth a visit during your Brazil vacation.
1. Bonito. Bonito is a town on the southern border of the Pantanal region. This area of full of rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, meaning it is also full of lush vegetation and lots of wildlife. The main economies of this town are agriculture and ecotourism. There are some amazing underwater caves to visit here.
2. Buzios. Buzios is a beautiful coastal town with white beaches and sparkling blue waters. In fact, there are over 20 beaches along this 5-mile long peninsula. Buzios is a great Brazilian beach resort and a relaxing place to spend part of your Brazil travel adventures.
3. Florianopolis. This city mixes jungle and ocean coastline in a beautiful way. This classy place was named one of the 10 Most Dynamic Cities in the World by Newsweek Magazine, meaning you should definitely schedule it into your Brazil tour itinerary.
4. Iguazu. Iguazu is one of the more famous places in Brazil for the immense waterfall of the same name. The falls are shared with neighboring country Argentina, and they are spectacular from both sides. Iguazu is also a jungle area.
5. Manaus. Manaus is a city hidden away in the heart of the Amazon. The city sits on part of the Amazon that rises and falls over 60 feet between rainy and dry season. Other than amazing trips into the deep jungle, visitors can also admire the beautiful opera house, a surprising thing to find so far into the Amazon.
6. Ouro Preto. The name of this town means "Black Gold," and is named such for the gold that was discovered in this area in 1698. This town is popular with Brazilian tourists, so if you are traveling during Carnival or another holiday, be sure to book early.
7. Pantanal. Pantanal is the marsh region of southwestern Brazil. It is one of the most biological rich areas in the world and great for people with a sense of adventures and a love of wildlife.
8. Paratay. This is truly one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. It has lush green jungle mountains overlooking an ocean full of little islands, many of which are connected to each other by bridges. The scenery and the construction combine to make this a must see destination during your Brazil vacation.

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