Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brooklyn Heights Promenade Walking Tour


When it comes to New York City walks, few can match the view from Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Located on the western edge of Brooklyn, right across the East River from Manhattan, the Promenade offers impeccable views of downtown Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. Unfortunately, many tourists to Manhattan rarely venture off the "safe" island of Manhattan. The truth is that the regular people that you see all day working in Manhattan probably live in Brooklyn or the other boroughs at night. Venturing out into the boroughs can be an adventure. We get questions like: Is it safe to walk along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade? Is it safe to take the subway to Brooklyn? This is probably the safest neighborhood in Brooklyn (right next to City Hall) -- if you didn't know you had crossed the river and ventured into Brooklyn, you might think you were still in Manhattan somewhere. So absolutely, take a trip out to Brooklyn Heights and enjoy the walk - the best time is just before sunset when you can enjoy the view of the sunset behind downtown Manhattan for 20 minutes while you enjoy your walk. In this guide we will cover both an in-depth walking tour of Brooklyn Heights along with basic information on the Brooklyn Promenade.

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