Thursday, July 21, 2011

Exciting Places to Visit while on Your Isle of Wight Holidays


There are numerous tourists’ attractions in the IOW that you can tour during your Isle of Wight holidays. Remember to reserve in advance one of the holiday cottages to ensure that you have a great place to stay once you arrive there. Your Isle of Wight holidays can be spent at an extraordinary place in the IOW. This quaint England County offers diverse culture and tradition that have woven themselves into the fabric of mainstream England culture. Although the beautiful country side is what visitors admire, there are still diverse but amazing discoveries you and your family can indulge in. There are countless things to do and remarkable places to visit that you can stay there for the whole month and not get bored. If you plan to stay longer, then it is advisable to rent one of the elegant and fully furnished holiday cottages. Many of these cottages are luxurious but inexpensive. You may want to book in advance to avoid the holiday rush. Commuting around the island will not be a problem as well, as public and private transport can take you to major thoroughfares and local attractions. The following are some of the tourists’ spots you may want to add to your itinerary.

The Dinosaur Isle
The Isle of Wight holidays can be a good time to expose your family to the countryside, especially if you came from the city. This would provide a startling experience for your family who have never seen the likes of a dinosaur. History is packed in this island of wonder and incredible relics and treasures. The well-kept relics would be surely admired by your family members as you also tour around the museum and shop for some valuable mementos to take back home during your Isle of Wight holidays. It is opened daily so you can optimize your time while learning about history and the era when the dinosaurs ruled upon the earth.

The Coastal Beaches
There are spectacular, dazzling beaches you can swim in and tour during your Isle of Wight holidays. There are 13 award winning beaches in the IOW, which has passed the seaside safety measures. You have the Cowes, Ryde, Sandown, Ventnor, Shanklin, Sandown and many more outstanding beaches where you can romp and spend the day.

The Motor Manor Garden
The Motor Manor Garden is easily accessible from the holiday cottages, so you can hop over to the garden anytime you want to de-stress and breathe the fresh air around you, the countryside is exceptional in its scenic views and refreshing environment. It would be great to take your family with you on a family tour. From your holiday cottages, you can explore the manor’s ponds, pagoda, Japanese Acers, terraces and many more amazing sights and sounds. The garden houses colourful camellias, azaleas, magnolias, and many more exotic flowers that would can be a rewarding event for your family. You can cook food in your holiday cottages and pack lunch for a wonderful picnic in the serene gardens.

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