Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Best Tourist Attractions in Greenland

By Dipika Patel

Greenland is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit on an Arctic cruise, making it a popular choice for many tourists looking to try something a little different on their holidays.
Offering you the chance to see wonderful sights, enjoy local hospitality and learn about the country's history, there is something to cater for every taste.
Before you disembark from your cruise liner, it is likely you will be treated to a number of the natural wonders for which Greenland is famous, including its amazing icebergs and glaciers.
In the north of the country, these can reach up to 100 metres high, although they are slightly smaller - but no less stunning - towards the south.
Furthermore, you might catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife, particularly if you are visiting Nanortalik, which is where a number of the endemic animals in the region reside.
Polar bears, Arctic foxes, seals, reindeer and musk oxen are just a few of the creatures you may be lucky to see while touring the country.
For those who stop off at Qaqortoq, the most populous town in southern Greenland, there is no better place to start a sightseeing adventure, with the settlement having numerous attractions to keep you occupied for the day.
This includes Qaqortoq Museum, which is based in one of the country's oldest buildings - a 200-year-old former blacksmith's shop.
The structure now holds many historically significant exhibits, such as Norse artefacts, national dresses, hunting equipment and old Inuit boats.
Art lovers can also see the Stone & Man project in Qaqortoq - a collection of more than 40 sculptures carved into rock faces and boulders around the town.
First started in 1993, the initiative saw artists from all around Greenland and Scandinavia attempt to turn the settlement into an open-air gallery over the space of a year.
However, if you are more interested in testing out authentic Greenland cuisine, you may want to take a day trip to the country's capital, Nuuk.
Here, you can select from a range of excellent restaurants serving up local cuisine or food from all around the world, including France, Japan and Thailand.
If you do decide to go for traditional Greenland fare, you can rest assured that the ingredients will all be sourced from the surrounding natural landscape, including a wide variety of fresh meats such as whale, musk ox, seal and reindeer.

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