Monday, June 4, 2012

5 Beautiful Villages in The World


Enjoying the coolness and beauty of rurals is the right choice during holiday. So, let’s travel to 5 beautiful villages according to Budget Travel version. The existence of a rural has always been an interesting holiday destination for tourist. Beside its existence that more silent if compared to a city, a village also has fresh air and beautiful view. Here are 5 beautiful villages in the world.

1. Wengen, Switzerland
With Alpen mountains background and traditional villa makes Wengen being a village with the beautiful sight. Since 100 years ago, any vehicles must not entry this area in order to keep the nature clean. The village has been an attraction since 1800s. During winter, many tourists come to Wengen to have vacation or even play Ski. Because of that, there are so many resort around the village.

2. Eze, France
The view of Mediterania Sea and charm of middle century make this village being popular. Eze village had been colonist favourite for centuries. View of the sea from above hill with cactus collections makes it being a top attraction in this village. Many couples come to Eze to have honeymoon.

3. Niagara on The Lake, Canada
Niagara on the lake is a popular village on the edge of Ontario Lake, Canada. Gardens, Art Gallery, Antique Shop, and golf Court have made this village popular. Tourists can see historical sites such as George Fort and Barak Butler. Tourist can also see many old shops, tea shops along Queen Street. Although, motor vehicle is able to enter this area, all who live there would rather use the horse as wagon trains. The village is also home to the Shaw Festival (April to October), has dozens of vineyards and became the main tourist attraction. To achieve the Niagara on the lake you have to travel from Buffalo, New York for about 80 minutes. It could also be from Toronto, Canada with a time of 90 minutes.

4. Pariangan, Indonesia
Pariangan is a small village of Minangkabau tribe located in Tanah Datar, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The village is located right on the slopes of Mount Marapi that are still active. Praiangan is a traditional village which is still preserved till today. Starting from the culture, customs, and architecture of a typical buildings are still remains till today. Rumah Gadang (Gadang house) complete with a wall formed of woven rattan and decorated with wood carvings characteristic of this village.

5. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
Cesky Krumlov is one of the oldest villages in the Czech Republic. The Village with a beautiful nature is located in a valley and surrounded by forest Blansko Vltava River, south Bohemia. The village is famous for its architecture or art ranging from the historic old town. Previous rulers Krumlov has 40 buildings and palaces, gardens, and a small tower which is now a building with high artistic value. Climb the wooden raft in the Vltava, became one of the exciting ways while exploring the village. If interested, you can travel as far as 110 miles. Take it easy! This trip can be done using a 3-hour bus trip.

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